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Musical Dawn

It Begins Here…

A world of beauty unspeakable, nature in infinite majesty. Who can describe it… but in pictures?

Welcome to my blog! You’ve entered this realm at its very birth; the launch of my first web presence. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Sherry Boylan who kicked me in the tail until I made it happen. I’m just getting started; blogs are a whole new thing for me. So, I’ll be tweaking the site for awhile. Why am I doing this (besides Sherry kicking my tail)?

Nature speaks. Through rhythmic dances of waves, clouds, soaring birds and playful wildlife, I feel nature’s caress. Words fail. So, my earnest desire is to harness in pictures that which bursts my soul, and to share this world with you. The picture above was taken on February 12, 2010 in Virginia Beach. My thoughts of that morning were as follows:

It looked like a different beach from just one week ago when
the surf was pounding along with wind and rain. This morning was relatively
calm, dry and a cool 28 degrees. I was joined by a flock of seagulls staring at
the horizon as if we were an audience to a special performance. And a
performance it was. A visual symphony of colors; blues and orange transitioning
to reds then yellow while the surf swirled to the beat of the changing colors. Music
to the eyes. This dynamic dawn was excited about something—.