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Dream the impossible… and breathe it to life.
Don’t follow in the footsteps of greatness… make your own.
And grin at that hero in the mirror.

Just a man…

Steve Jobs was just a man.
Like each one of us.
He rose above mediocrity through shear force of will.
He taught us to never settle.
To insist on “insanely great.”
Shall we rise above?
Shall we have the will?
Thank you, Steve.
Not just for your accomplishments.
But, for your inspiration to us all.
Rest in peace, “young and foolish” man.



Who hurts when you fall?
Who smiles when you climb?
Who sees you when you can’t see yourself?
Who’s got your back when no one has theirs?
When all the world fades, who remains? … friends.

No picture… you know who you are.