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At the dawn of my sunrise photo experience, I was presented a morning of unimaginable inspiration. Thousands of sunrise photos later, this one is still my favorite. I thought I’d share this trip down memory lane with you.

February 7, 2010, 6:25am Virginia Beach

A dusting of snow covered both sides of the road as I drove to Virginia Beach on this morning. It was 28 degrees and some areas were slippery. The road next to the beach was crunchy underfoot—ice. As I proceeded down the snow-covered walkway toward the beach, I saw an orange glow spanning the whole width of the horizon. Up in the pre-dawn sky, I saw a few dark clouds floating on a sea of soft blue;  up to my right, a crescent moon. Although I couldn’t reach out and touch this horizon, it touched me. I felt privileged to be presented this beautiful moment, and humbled by the challenge to capture it forever.  Although no one else was around to see, I walked off the beach smiling, assured that there is a God.


Just a man…

Steve Jobs was just a man.
Like each one of us.
He rose above mediocrity through shear force of will.
He taught us to never settle.
To insist on “insanely great.”
Shall we rise above?
Shall we have the will?
Thank you, Steve.
Not just for your accomplishments.
But, for your inspiration to us all.
Rest in peace, “young and foolish” man.